Modern Bathroom Suites

Modern bathroom design aims to make the most out of the space you have, making it a very practical option for homes – particularly if you have a small bathroom area.

The use of simple design and neutral colour choices makes for a sleek and elegant design, and the use of shapes gives your bathroom a contemporary style which looks high quality and gives a sense of luxury.


Create Extra Space in Your Bathroom

There is one similarity that all modern bathrooms have – they are designed to utilise the space you have. This is particularly important in small homes, or homes with a small bathroom and not much space.

Certain features are commonly found in modern bathroom suites, which help to reduce the amount of space taken up by units and bathroom fittings. Such features include wall mounted taps and wall mounted basins and a combined bath and shower. This makes for a compact bathroom which gives an elegant and spacious feel.


Match Your New Bathroom to Your Existing Décor

A contemporary home can be complimented with the installation of modern bathroom suites. Whether you have gone for a simple and sleek design throughout your home, with the use of neutral colours, or whether you have opted for contemporary and innovative interior design with the use of bold colours and patterns – you can find modern bathroom ideas which will compliment your existing décor.

If you are unsure on your options, or need further assistance on which modern bathroom design is the most suited to your property, give us a call on 01246 550199 – we’re always here to help!


Add Value to Your Home

Not only are contemporary bathroom suites guaranteed to add a touch of elegance to your home; they will also add value. More and more people are wanting a modern looking property, and will likely add a modern touch when re-decorating. By already having a new bathroom installed before selling your property, you are likely to increase the appeal by creating a space that can already be enjoyed without the need to renovate.


What Fittings Should You Opt For?

There are many options available to you when choosing fittings for your new modern bathroom suite, especially with our huge range here at The Bath Center, which is why we’re here to help you. Here is a brief guide to common options for modern bathroom accessories and fittings:

Bath/Shower – In a large bathroom area, many homeowners decide to opt for a separate shower and bath, to add a more luxury feel. However, it is common for people with small bathrooms to combine the two to save space.

Taps – There are many styles of taps which you can opt for in a modern bathroom, but if you have the budget there is no better sense of luxury (and also hygiene) than self-closing sensor taps.

Wash Basin – As mentioned previously, many contemporary bathroom suites now try to reduce the amount of wasted space by creating a more streamlined style. One important way of doing this is by having a wall mounted basin, which also looks modern and fits with the shape of the room, the most popular wall mounted option is our Wallis basin and unit.

Toilet – There isn’t much variety when it comes to toilet design, but there are design features which can be incorporated to make it fit better within a modern bathroom – including auto flush and dual flush.


Ready to Install a Modern Bathroom?

If you have a modern property which is being let down by an outdated bathroom design, you will benefit from browsing our wide range of modern bathroom suites.

Our best value suite is the Star Buy Suite which is the best priced suite you will find anywhere online.

For more information on our range, or to gain advice from our knowledgeable team who can give you modern bathroom ideas, get in contact with us today on 01246 550199.

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