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Give Your Bathroom a New Look with a Complete Bathroom Suite

Sometimes it’s nice to give the rooms in your home a little bit of a refresh. Sadly, designs can fade after a while, and facilities can start to break down. If it has been some time since your bathroom suite, or at least your bathroom accessories, were last changed or upgraded, it may be a good time to start thinking about installing a complete bathroom suite from scratch. Here at The Bath Center, we have a wide array of suite ideas, bathroom touches and more which could help to revitalise your existing space.

Why Install a Complete Bathroom Suite?

There may be plenty of reasons why it might be time to replan and reinstall your bathroom. You may have facilities which are no longer doing their job properly. You may even have some fixtures and fittings which are starting to show their age.

If either of these scenarios is the case, it is far simpler than you may think to ensure your bathroom is given a complete upgrade. Here at The Bath Center, we offer a variety of suite options which can be fully supplied for fitting by our team for next day delivery.

You may simply feel that now is a good time to make a change. And why not? Whether you simply want to upgrade some of your older bathroom accessories, or are keen to go for a complete refit, we have lots of choice for you to pore over.

new bathroom bathtubmodern bathroom design









What Might You Want to Change?

The beauty of shopping with The Bath Center means you get access to bathroom accessories and fittings both individually, and as part of complete bathroom suites. If you’d like a complete refit, you can opt to purchase several items to be delivered as a package, all of which will complement one another.

However, you can also pick and choose what you’d like to go into your new bathroom. New taps, storage, sink fittings, bathtubs, toilets or display units – you have a huge choice to pick from. We’ve lined up our collections so that you can easily find matching units and fixtures without any concern. You are free to mix up different fittings and features. However, it may be even easier for you to simply make a complete switch over to a whole suite redesign. The choice is yours!

Don’t worry, as you won’t be on your own. Our team will discuss all the available options with you and will help you to find the best possible looks for your space as well as your tastes in décor. We’ll even help you by looking at photos of your current bathroom and can make recommendations to you. We don’t just focus on the aesthetic – we think practically, too. Therefore, you can always be sure that the advice you get is tried and tested, not just superficial.

Traditional or Modern?

Many people think of bathroom suite redesign and immediately think of modern fixtures. That isn’t always going to be the case! The Bath Center splits its incredible range of bathroom essentials into Traditional and Modern ranges. The Traditional range offers new items built to emulate the homely, timeless look of bathrooms from years gone by. We avoid dated colours and design choices and instead focus on classic elements which are well-loved, and which continue to offer incredible value to people throughout the UK.

Our Modern collection, meanwhile, focuses on bringing sleek, slender design to your bathroom. This is a complete suite upgrade for anyone looking to revamp their spaces completely. Modern installations are pleasing on the eye, are effortlessly practical, and are always on the cutting edge. However, we do understand that some of the more contemporary bathroom touches we offer aren’t to everyone’s tastes, which is why we support a wide range of choice. That means even if you prefer something a little more classical, we’ll always be happy to point you in the right direction!

Start Revamping Your Bathroom Suite

If you’re considering remodelling your bathroom suite but are unsure where to start, The Bath Center has plenty of fantastic options waiting for you to dive into and explore. Why not make this the year that you upgrade and enhance your bathroom space for the better?

Take a look at our online catalogue, email us via web form for more details, or do give our team a call on 01246 550400 if you have any queries. We’re always here to help you!

Modern Bathroom Suites

Modern bathroom design aims to make the most out of the space you have, making it a very practical option for homes – particularly if you have a small bathroom area.
The use of simple design and neutral colour choices makes for a sleek and elegant design, and the use of shapes gives your bathroom a contemporary style which looks high quality and gives a sense of luxury.

Create Extra Space in Your Bathroom

There is one similarity that all modern bathrooms have – they are designed to utilise the space you have. This is particularly important in small homes, or homes with a small bathroom and not much space.
Certain features are commonly found in modern bathroom suites, which help to reduce the amount of space taken up by units and bathroom fittings. Such features include wall mounted taps and basins and a combined bath and shower. This makes for a compact bathroom which gives an elegant and spacious feel.

Match Your New Bathroom to Your Existing Décor

A contemporary home can be complimented with the installation of modern bathroom suites. Whether you have gone for a simple and sleek design throughout your home, with the use of neutral colours, or whether you have opted for contemporary and innovative interior design with the use of bold colours and patterns – you can find modern bathroom ideas which will compliment your existing décor.
If you are unsure on your options, or need further assistance on which modern bathroom design is the most suited to your property, give us a call on 01246 550400 – we’re always here to help!

Add Value to Your Home

Not only are contemporary bathroom suites guaranteed to add a touch of elegance to your home; they will also add value. More and more people are wanting a modern looking property, and will likely add a modern touch when re-decorating. By already having a new bathroom installed before selling your property, you are likely to increase the appeal by creating a space that can already be enjoyed without the need to renovate.

What Fittings Should You opt for?

There are many options available to you when choosing fittings for your new modern bathroom suite, especially with our huge range here at, which is why we’re here to help you. Here is a brief guide to common options for modern bathroom accessories and fittings:
Bath/Shower – In a large bathroom area, many homeowners decide to opt for a separate shower and bath, to add a more luxury feel. However, it is common for people with small bathrooms to combine the two to save space.

Taps – There are many styles of taps which you can opt for in a modern bathroom, but if you have the budget there is no better sense of luxury (and also hygiene) than self-closing sensor taps.

Wash Basin – As mentioned previously, many contemporary bathroom suites now try to reduce the amount of wasted space by creating a more streamlined style. One important way of doing this is by having a wall mounted basin, which also looks modern and fits with the shape of the room.

Toilet – There isn’t much variety when it comes to toilet design, but there are design features which can be incorporated to make it fit better within a modern bathroom – including auto flush and dual flush.

Ready to Install a Modern Bathroom?

If you have a modern property which is being let down by an outdated bathroom design, you will benefit from browsing our wide range of modern bathroom suites.
For more information on our range, or to gain advice from our knowledgeable team who can give you modern bathroom ideas, get in contact with us today on 01246 550400.

5 Benefits of Opting for a Modern Bathroom Design

modern minimalist bathroomBathrooms come in all shapes, sizes and styles. It’s safe to say that the bathrooms we choose are largely based on our own tastes and aesthetics. However, modern bathroom design also has plenty of benefits to it as far as practicality is concerned. It’s just one reason why opting for a modern installation, over a standard old fashioned look, may be more appealing to you. Here at Bathcenter, we’re pleased to present a wide range of fantastic bathroom suites and packages for homes up and down the UK. In this article, however, we’re going to explore why you may wish to look for a modern design over a more classical twist.

The Ultimate in Convenience

The main reason why so many people upgrade from classic or traditional suites to modern bathroom design is for practicality. For example, sensor taps, intuitive shower controls and practical bathtub and shower design such as p shape baths will all be very appealing to certain people.



Cutting Edge Design

Modern bathroom suites are designed with the peak of the contemporary aesthetic in mind. Our stunning modern collections are crafted with artistic trends and flavours in mind, from colour palettes through to curves, edges and even fixture design. It’s safe to say that the modern way is to make curious design choices work in a practical fashion – a clear evolution from the more standard bathroom suites of old.

A Break From The Norm

Simple, everyday bathtubs, sinks and shower units may get a little samey, which is why many people are all the more willing to mix things up. Break away from standard bathroom suites and dare to go for something a little different. Modern bathroom designs will offer you a world of striking choice where you can really let your personality shine through. We have plenty of options for you to choose from, too. Therefore, you shouldn’t ever be stuck for choice.

An Amazing Focal Point

Modern bathrooms get people talking. If you really want to help make your home stand out from the rest, a modern bathroom suite will make a huge statement.

Adding items such as the Carron Quantum Double Ended bath and modern style shower trays such as the TM25 with a wetroom style linear waste makes it a great way to leave a positive, lasting impression on guests – especially those who are looking for the ultimate in convenience, and those who have fairly modern tastes to begin with. Essentially, modern bathroom design will help to elevate your suite above all others. If that’s something you care about, take a closer look at what we have on offer!

Affordable Luxury

Modern bathroom suites and ideas from are luxurious yet attainable. This means we will never charge you exorbitant prices. You have complete access to some wonderful, eye-catching bathroom designs which are both practical and budget-friendly. If you’re worried about spending too much on a bathroom, but at the same time want to take advantage of as much luxury as possible, we have a wealth of choice available for you to pick from.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Looking for a modern bathroom suite to embellish your home design? Want to know more about stunning modern bathroom design and how it could change your life for the better? Take a look at our online catalogue, email our team, or call us directly on 01246 550400 to get started.

Reasons to Opt for a Traditional Bathroom Suite in Your Home

traditional bathroom suite
Burlington Traditional Bathroom Suite

Your bathroom is a space in your home where you likely spend a lot of time. You probably spend more time in there than you imagine! Therefore, it is a space which is worth decorating and designing well. You may already be looking at refitting a bathroom suite completely, or you may be thinking about replacing one or two units in the coming months. In either case, we feel there are plenty of great reasons why you should think about having a traditional bathroom suite installed.

Here at Bathcenter, we’re pleased to be able to help homes and families across our region find that perfect look. We offer a wide variety of standalone fixtures and fittings and are also happy to help you with full bathroom suite installations, too. Alongside our contemporary collection, we are particularly proud of our traditional suites. But what is it about these suites which make them so popular?

Create That Homely Feel

One of the main reasons why people choose traditional style over modern fixtures is the fact that these suites can help you feel more ‘at home’. Our suites, fitted out with sink units, showers, bathtubs, toilet units and more besides, are all inspired by years and years of cosy, comforting bathroom style. By traditional, we don’t mean we expect you to go all the way back to the Victorian era!

Our traditional bathroom suites by Burlington are inspired by the bathrooms we grew up with. Simple, practical looks, rounded edges and humble fittings. What’s more, we’ve made sure to blend the old with the new. With a traditional suite, you get the look and feel of an old-time bathroom with items such as teh Burlington High Level Toilet, but all the functionality and efficiency of modern models such as vanity units.

Stand the Test of Time

There is an argument that ‘contemporary’ styles change every few years. While we’re proud of our modern suites, we feel that the traditional look is one which is never going to go away. While plenty of people will be comfortable opting for modern design choices as they appeal to them, anyone looking for long-lasting, comforting aesthetics will do well to look to the past.

Think about the homes you visit which still have traditional units installed. They don’t ever seem to have dated a day! That’s because there’s always been a clear choice between traditional and contemporary. Contemporary bathrooms are sleek, angular and futuristic. They’re daring in design, while practical at the same time.

Traditional bathroom suite designs are ‘safer’ in terms of looks, relying instead on what already works well. Unless you choose to put up dated wallpaper and carpeting alongside, a traditional suite is going to look as good in ten years as it does today. That is, of course, providing you look after it!

There’s No Learning Curve

Plenty of people are happy to buy contemporary bathroom suites regardless of the changes involved. In fact, most people who buy modern suites are doing so because they like the idea of changing things up! Some modern suites have stylised taps, shower systems and even toilet flushes. For some people, moving from a simple bathroom to an ultra-modern suite can be a big leap indeed.

With a traditional bathroom suite, you get all the fittings you’re used to. While familiar, they still stand out in impeccable quality.  A traditional suite is a great choice for anyone looking for creature comforts in their new bathroom design, particularly as these models are inspired by the bathrooms we’ve come to know and love over the years.

The Choice is Yours!

Yes! It’s all down to you. You might be persuaded to consider a traditional bathroom suite if you’re looking mainly to upgrade or freshen your existing space. If the idea of modernising absolutely everything seems a bit too drastic, you don’t have to go for a contemporary suite. Choose a traditional suite which harks back to years gone by, and which will continue to look and feel wonderful after years of careful use and enjoyment.

If you’re considering installing a new bathroom suite, do take a look at our catalogue of ideas today, our Burlington range covers everything you could ever need.  Alternatively, please call our team at Bathcenter on 01246 550400, and we will be happy to help you find that perfect look.

Burlington Bathrooms

Burlington have recently through a huge change in products manufactured and supplied to the UK, our most popular items however are still the C1 which fits either the low level and close coupled pans, the complete Burlington Close Coupled toilet is our best selling toilet but they also supply unusual items such as the Burlington back to wall pan and C28s cistern (suitable for high level toilets)

We also supply huge range of traditional style basins by Burlington including the Victorian basin & pedestal or alternative Edwardian basin & pedestal.


Eastbrook bathrooms

Eastbrook bathrooms

About Eastbrook bathrooms

Eastbrook bathrooms are by far our most popular brand of bathroom products, all Eastbrook bathroom products come with long guarantees and are of an extremely high quality.

The Eastbrook range includes a phenomenal number of unique and exclusive range of bathroom products. We aim to have the right product for any bathroom and cloakroom shape to allow your customers to maximise their space and budgetary requirements.

We offer full technical backup for all customers, supported by large stocks and a dedicated single depot delivery service throughout the UK. This is to ensure that all customers receive the best service from conception to completion.

Their range includes Carron baths, Volente shower enclosures, Vanguard shower enclosures, Sanitaryware and Vanity units.


Delivery Details:

We can supply most Eastbrook bathrooms items in just 2-3 working days.


Contact Details:

They have a very useful help and technical line 01452 317 890 or if you have any sales enquiries email us


Our Eastbrook bathrooms range:






Making Monochrome Bathrooms Work for You

Making Monochrome Work for You

With the world still hooked on black and white bathrooms, there’s no better time to make the monochrome trend your own.

This neutral colour palette adds character to stark and sterile spaces, giving you an end result that’s sophisticated and bespoke. It isn’t dictated by size or budget, which is why it works so well in en-suites and wet rooms.

Our pick of monochrome products can be mixed and matched to help you inject little touches of luxury into your space. Here’s how you can use them to bring personality to your home.

All brought to us by Frontline Bathrooms.


Add interest to all-white areas

The great thing about monochrome is it never goes out of date or style. This timeless colour combo means creating a bold and dynamic look can be achieved by just being creative with everyday items.

Add interest to enclosures, toilets and vanities with cool brassware. Quirky black accessories like basin taps, shower packs and black flush plates are an eye-catching way to break up all-white areas.

Shape and mould your space

When large bathrooms start to feel sparse, adding black accessories will conceal excess space and draw attention to different parts of the room. Contrasting enclosures like the Black L-Shaped Walk-In, Velar Corner Entry, slate shower trays and statement radiators all bring structure to bare walls and corners.

On the other hand, you can create the illusion of space with white tiles in light-reflective materials like glazed ceramic and porcelain. The golden rule to remember is: white reflects, black absorbs.


velar corner entry shower enclosur
Aquaglass Velar Black Shower Enclosure 900x900mm 


Create a centre stage washing area

Monochrome doesn’t have to mean chequered floors. If you’re looking for something different, a black and white freestanding bath creates a luxury washing space worthy of a boutique hotel.

Matt black fixtures against white baths create a striking juxtaposition. Our freestanding Vibe Tap against our Graphite Bath shows how you can layer the colours for all-out drama.

Don’t forget, monochrome style also doesn’t have to mean black and white. Soften this trend to your taste with dark grey hues and cosy creams.

All these items are supplied to us via Frontline Bathrooms, please see our complete Frontline Range.

Why choose bathroom wetwall panelling

Why choose bathroom wetwall panelling


Whether you opt for Wetwall, Nuance or Mermaid, Bathroom wall panelling is becoming more and more popular. Primarily used in shower enclosures as the panels are waterproof and designed to cope with everyday showering.

Grout free, the ease of maintenance with all our bathroom wall panels is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why (for instance) Nuance wall panelling is becoming a must have product in any new or renovated bathroom.

The corner kits such as Nuance Pack A kits also take out the hassle of having to figure out what is needed as everything comes in the kit.

Bathroom wall panelling can be used all around your bathroom or also with tiles, In fact in the main, we supply our panels to go with tiles, Gone are the days where you would choose a border tile to break up the colour scheme in your bathroom, now you can choose a tile to go with a contrasting shower panel colour, With so many decors to choose from you can colour co-ordinate your bathroom to come to fruition.

Pricing is another obvious topic of conversation and while you can obviously pick up cheaper tiles than most Wetwall, Nuance or Mermaid  panels I always inform our customers that compared to an averagely priced tile you may still pay a little more on the panels (per square meter area) However that cost is more than covered by the amount you will save on labour as the panels are fitted in less than half the time it would take a tiler to tile the same area.

In conclusion, bathroom wall panelling is practically maintenance free, waterproof, high quality, easy to fit and without doubt looks great.

Bathroom Doc M Pack Information

Bathroom Doc M Pack Information


Doc M packs can be used in a variety of commercial and occasionally domestic installation.

They include toilet, basin, grab bars and taps which all comply with Doc M regulations.

Please see this link to the government doc m information – CLICK HERE.


Our doc m packs are available in a variety of styles such as close coupled and low level and are also available with chrome, blue and white rails and seat.

Please CLICK HERE for our DOC M pack options.

How to clean bathroom taps and brassware.

How to clean bathroom taps, showers and brassware ie

Brass, Chrome, Aluminium, and Stainless Steel fittings

We recommend:

Clean all chrome surfaces immediately after use to stop a build-up of dirt
and harmful limescale on your product.

Clean with a warm weak neutral washing up solution, rinse immediately
with clean water and dry with a clean soft cloth.

The occasional use of a mild non abrasive bathroom limescale remover
can be used, ensure to rinse off immediately with plenty of clean cold
water. To remove a build-up of lime scale, we recommend to use a white
vinegar solution.

You should not…

Use products that contain abrasive chemicals to clean your
brassware. This may cause the materials to corrode which inevitably will
void the warranty on the product.

If you would like further advise on the recommended cleaning products to use, please contact our customer service team on 01246 550199.


It should also be mentioned that purchasing a higher quality tap will vastly reduce the likely hood of corrosion or developing a fault, we recommend the Flova brassware range as they include a 10 YEAR manufacturers warranty.