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Looking for Bathroom Supplies in Chesterfield?  See Our Range

It’s safe to say that no two bathrooms are ever quite the same.  While some people opt for classic or traditional designs, others may opt for contemporary or stylish suites.  In any case, people spend a lot of time in bathrooms for various reasons.  That’s why it is so important to find bathroom supplies, fixtures, fittings and accessories that appeal to your sense of aesthetics, as well as your need for practicality and functionality!

The Bath Center is a leading provider in a wide variety of different products and services for bathrooms across the UK.  Not content with merely offering sink, bathtub and shower units, we offer a full range of accessories and design touches you simply won’t find on the high street.  Therefore, many people turn to us for unique touches to help complete their unique suite designs.  What’s more, we’re pleased to offer bathroom supplies at prices everyday people can afford.  However, we never sacrifice quality for price!


Comfort and Class

All bathrooms need to be warm and comfortable.  Therefore, you’re going to need an efficient, stylish heating option that blends in perfectly with your existing suite and design.  Why choose a standard radiator when you can opt for a panel heater that’s contemporary and chic?  You can also choose heating units which offer all the modern functionality you desire, but with a traditional or even classical aesthetic.

Other essential bathroom supplies, of course, include lighting.  The lighting you install in a bathroom is very important.  You could choose pull-cord lights to install above sinks and cupboards.  Another popular option is to install sunken lights, or spotlights, in your ceiling or walls.  Crucially, the look you choose is up to you.  We’re happy to present a wide range of options to help embellish any look, modern or classical.


Bathroom Flooring

Walls and Flooring

Of course, the floors and walls of your bathroom are going to play crucial roles in the general look of your suite.  You could choose traditional tiles or panels, but what about something a little more contemporary?  Regardless of whether you want to avoid the well-worn bathroom tile aesthetic, or simply hate grouting, you could install wall splashes which are easy to clean and stunning to look at.  Why not choose a marble effect or something a little polished?

With regard to flooring, we offer bathroom supplies in the form of panelling which is easy to set up and wonderful to look at.  People who are bored of the same old lino and tiles will likely want to look for something a little bit special, such as wood effect flooring or something akin to laminate.  In any case, we have a variety of choice on offer, meaning the perfect look for you is in our catalogue somewhere.

Wall Mountings

In any bathroom, you are going to need affix some touches to your walls.  For accessibility purposes, for example, you could set up grab bars and bath seats.  Traditionally, however, many people will look for stylish towel holders and rings, those of which will affix seamlessly and look great as part of any interior bathroom design.

You are naturally going to need somewhere to hang your towels, dressing gowns and other accoutrements.  We also help you to find simple storage units and holders, which again, you can easily fix to your walls.  We offer a range of neutral and stylised options, meaning that you can easily transform and maintain your own unique bathroom in any way you wish.


Modern Bathroom Faucet

Commercial Bathroom Supplies

The Bath Center doesn’t just help with home bathroom design and supply.  If you need help setting up commercial, office or public building washroom facilities, do make sure to take a look at our complete range of accessories and units.  We offer everything you need to help make your commercial bathrooms as accessible as possible to staff, visitors and customers alike.

Just as you’ll want to make your home bathroom suite as unique and as presentable as possible, the same will go for your commercial bathroom!  Take a look at our full range and build a unique package.


Revitalise Your Bathroom Space

Want to know more about building that perfect bathroom space?  We’re here to help. Take a closer look at our wider range or call us directly on 01246 550400 to find out more.  You can also contact us via email if you have any specific queries.  Place your trust in a local Chesterfield trader of bathroom supplies and standards, and more besides.

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