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Your Guide to the Best Bathroom Brands You Can Trust

There is often a lot of choice around when it comes to building your perfect bathroom suites. Knowing which bathroom brands to opt for can often be quite tricky! Here at The Bath Center, we make sure to work with leading names in bathroom suite essentials and luxury standards to fit traditional and modern looks alike. But what are some of the best bathroom brands we offer and work with?

We work with many different suppliers and specialists. Therefore, running through all of them might take up a lot of your time! Therefore, in this quick guide, we will look at a handful of our favourite names and brands, and explain why we think you can rely on them for fantastic bathtubs, sinks and showers no matter the look of your wetrooms and spaces.

Arcade Bathrooms

arcade albany natural stone bath

Arcade is a well-known bathroom supplier who we are always pleased to work with. What is most striking about Arcade as a brand is their versatility. They are one of the best bathroom brands in the UK because their collections cover traditional and contemporary looks alike. You only have to take a quick glance at their fabulous suite options to see what we mean!

Arcade offers classical, stylish tubs, as well as modern conveniences. They also supply a huge variety of accessories and fittings, such as mirrors and radiators. Many of our customers opt for Arcade purely because they offer everything they need at great quality and pricing.

Volente Walk In Shower ScreenEastbrook Bathrooms

Eastbrook is a brand which is hugely popular. Of all the bathroom brands we work with, Eastbrook is a name which is one of the best-known, and that’s largely thanks to their huge array of choice. Our customers can set up full Eastbrook bathroom suites, as well as pick and choose from various sink and toilet standards.

Customers will also be able to choose from discrete shower systems and enclosures, as well as stylish radiator and towel rail units to slide into any contemporary or traditional bathroom look. Much like Arcade, Eastbrook focuses on offering items and units which work wonderfully as part of any aesthetic.

Pura Bathroomspura arco

For wonderful simplicity and style, Pura is one of many bathroom brands we can always recommend. Specialising in modern, convenient looks for everyday homes, a Pura suite is one which looks great and which is never awkward to get used to. If you are in need of a simple, modern bathroom suite, the Pura collection is likely going to appeal to you.

Pura is well-known for its extensive range of bathroom furniture and accessories, as well as its pleasing basin and storage designs. A Pura bathroom is one which never goes over the top in terms of modern luxury. For a bathroom suite which is stunningly opulent without all the trappings and distractions, rely on a bathroom brand that never takes itself too seriously.

Sommer ShowerSommer

Specialising in showers for modern bathroom suites, Sommer is a brand that many people choose for effortless style and amazing convenience. It is one of the best bathroom brands purely because of the stunning technology they support. A Sommer shower is one which can either be easily fitted into a tub space, or which can be installed on its own, as part of a modern cubicle.
Sommer showers allow for ease of bathing no matter who you are.

Their brilliant, luxurious cubicle designs are visually pleasing, and their shower systems are always easy to manage and control. What’s more, our customers always benefit from incredible value for money across their wider range. We want to pass on as much as we can in terms of savings to our customers!


Finally, let’s focus on a specialist brand. Warmup underfloor heating keeps you toasty and warm through radiant heat beneath your feet. Bathrooms can get incredibly cold sometimes, which is why underfloor heating has become such as popular standard in the modern age. Warmup is a brand we will never hesitate to recommend.

Their underfloor heating systems are easy to set up and maintain on your own, while you can always ask our team or the manufacturer for extra help and advice should you need it. You will never truly know the true benefits of a fantastic underfloor heating system until you have installed your own!

Your Pick of the Best Bathroom Brands

The Bath Center is home to some of the best bathroom brands available to UK customers. Take a look at our wonderful product ranges and get in touch. Call us today on 01246 550 400 to speak to a member of our friendly team if you’d like further help and advice!

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