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Types of Showers and Which One to Choose

Not all showers are the same! Some will be better suited to traditional suites, while others will look fantastic as part of modern solutions. In any case, before you start looking at installing a new bathroom or changing up your shower completely, it is always worth looking at the types of showers available and which you feel will be best suited to your particular setup.

Here at The Bath Center, we provide our customers with as much choice as possible when it comes to simple, affordable washroom solutions. Whether you are looking for an advanced mixer system or a shower unit that you can detach and use flexibly, we’re pleased to give you a vast array of choice regardless of the bathroom suite you’re looking to install. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started.

Modern Shower Solutions

Many people choose modern shower solutions for convenience as well as for style and aesthetics. However, not all modern showers come in the same style, shape or form. It’s a good idea to take a close look at the various types of showers available so that you can purchase a comfortable, great-looking unit which will complement your existing or forthcoming space.

For a delicate aesthetic, consider opting for a concealed shower with a large head. These units won’t ever get in the way, but will still offer you plenty of power and coverage as you require. In addition to this, consider bar mixer and digital mixer showers for overhead cleaning and ease of access to a variety of features. These systems arrive with flexible shower heads, which means you can pick and choose from different cleaning elements during use.

On two separate ends of the scale, consider an ultra-convenient, ultra-modern tower shower, or a simple electric shower for classic convenience. Most people’s shower choices will be based on looks alone, however, we always encourage you to look deeper and to consider the difference in functionality between these systems. Take a look at our catalogue and find out more about the models which appeal to you the most.

Traditional Shower Solutions

Burlington Thermostatic ShowerTraditional showers aren’t electric-based, but they can also offer a lot of practicality as well as aesthetic appeal. Many people choose traditional showers as there is no need for an external system, and they can be run directly via water supply. As with modern shower solutions, however, there are several options you can pick from depending on your need for functionality and your sense of aesthetics.

Concealed showers, for example, take the need for much hardware out of the picture. The vast majority of your shower will be concealed within your bathroom wall, meaning that there is more space and less opportunity for wall clutter. Exposed showers work a little differently, of course, however, for many people they provide a little more functionality and ease of access. There are also digital showers, too, which while different to electric models, still work to offer you a modern twist on a traditional classic.

Traditional shower solutions are seen as quick, easy and affordable. However, you may prefer some of the modern solutions we have in stock thanks to their look and finish. The choice is, of course, ultimately yours. Beyond this, you should also be thinking carefully about which options complement your existing bathroom design the best. If you’re setting up a completely new bathroom design, always be ready to consult an expert for advice on which types of shower blend better with bathtubs, tiling and more.

Choosing a Shower Type

Not many people may consider choosing a shower type to be tricky, however, there are far more options available than you may anticipate. Our aim is to bring you as full a range as possible so that you can find a functional and physically pleasing model to suit your everyday needs. Our shower units are designed to offer immense flexibility and effortless control, meaning that it should never be a hassle just to step into your shower or wet space each day.

You will also need to finish you shower enclosure with enclosures, shower trays and can even use pvc wetwall corner kits at very low prices to avoid tiling.

These shower units – classic and modern alike – are growing in popularity. If you’re unsure which options suit your bathroom needs the best, do make sure to speak with a member of our team before you go ahead and buy. We’re here to help you! Call us now on 01246 550 400 for a quick chat, or make sure you email us with all the details you have to hand. Let’s make shower shopping simple.

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