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Everything You Need To Know About: Doc M Packs

Doc M Packs

A Doc M bathroom pack is a full set of bathroom equipment for commercial and domestic use.

DOC M is short for Document M. In the case of a DOC M pack, this is a bathroom set that contains a disabled toilet for public use; it is up-to-date with the latest public building regulations and is designed so the user has maximum comfort when using it.

Overall, there are a lot of features that come with the DOC M packs that would benefit people using a disabled public toilet or even those who need all the regulation items in their own home.

Doc M packs come with various colour grab rails including stainless steel, white, blue and grey and are also available with lever or push button style toilet cisterns.

For the complete government regulations please see: Document M Building Regulations Document


For our Doc M Packs which are available delivered in 1-2 working days please see: Bathcenter Doc M Pack


Carron Baths

Carron our our most popular bath and of an extremely high quality, below is their company story as listed on their website.


The Story of Carron (from the carron bath manufacturers website)

In 1759, the original Carron Company formed the now famous ironworks on the banks of the River Carron. The company rode the wave of the Industrial Revolution and was famed for their short-barrelled naval cannons, Carronades, used by the Royal Navy up until the 1850s.

The Name for Baths
As times changed the Carron Company moved into the production of everyday products ranging from stoves and engines to letterboxes and the famous red phone boxes still to be found throughout the country today.

Before long, the Carron Company began to manufacture sinks and baths but as the market changed and the original Carron Company came to a close, Carron Bathrooms took over and continued the manufacturing of baths on the same site the original company started over 250 years ago.

Since then, we have been at the forefront of modern bath design and as techniques change and new processes emerge, Carron Bathrooms can still be relied on to produce baths with skill and precision, never losing sight of what makes our baths great, craftsmanship.

All our baths go through an eight-stage process before leaving the factory floor. From moulding to packaging, every stage is monitored and finished by hand. This leaves us so confident in our products that we offer a minimum 20-year guarantee on every Carron bath.

Our continued investment in technology has allowed Carron Bathrooms to push the boundaries of design but our strongest asset is our people.


Please note the above is from the carron baths website.


We list all the carron baths including our most popular baths:

delta 1650mm

integra 1650mm

quantum 1700mm

omega 1700mm corner bath

rio 1050mm corner bath

Brio 1650mm Shower Bath

Everything You Need To Know About: Wetrooms


Choosing a wet room is an increasingly answer for people buying a new bathroom, gone are the days when wet rooms would be a far more expensive option than a standard shower enclosure.

Wet room kits can now be purchased and installed for a very similar cost to shower trays but provide a far superior modern looking finish to the room. Wet room kits such as the Marmox kit aren’t anymore expensive than buying a shower tray and waste.

complete wet room


We are often asked questions regarding wet rooms, here are a few examples:


Question: Can Wetrooms be installed on a second floor?

Answer: Absolutely, as long as it is fitted correctly they can be fitted on any floor and the Maxxus wet room kits can also go straight onto joists.

Question: Is their a difference between a wet room and a shower room?

Answer: Yes, bathrooms and shower rooms are part tiled and part waterproofed whereas wet rooms are usually completely tiled and completely waterproof.

Question: Are wet rooms more difficult and time consuming to install than a standard bathroom?

Answer: Slightly but to an experienced installed it doesn’t make much difference, its usually just a case of more tiling to do than usual.


Advantages of wetrooms:

A wetroom will transfer any bathroom into a modern stylish area with a more spacious feel than the standard bath, basin and toilet setup.

We have noticed buyers are increasing looking at wetrooms for their second bathroom to add value to the property.

Wetrooms also have great advantages for any one with a disability or issues with getting into a bath or standard shower enclosure as they can be installed completely flat, kits such as the Maxxus kit for tiling can be installed straight onto joists allowing the floor area to be completely level.


Disadvantages of a wetroom:

Families with young children will often struggle without a bath and a wet rooom is the only bathroom in the house it may cause issues when trying to sell properties to young families.

Bathroom furniture such as vanity units can be trickier to install correctly as they aren’t supposed to get as much spray as they can if they are in a wet room to close to a shower.


Practical Wetroom Design Considerations:


Guiding Principles for Wetroom Design

These are not “hard and fast” rules but a few things you might want to consider are:
Windows are best kept outside the “wet area” this is for privacy as well practicalities, we can also now provide ‘privacy’ frosted wetroom screens which can help.

Try and avoid having the toilet as the first thing you see when you come through the door.
If possible try and keep access to the toilet and sink as a dry space.
A large shower area is also comfortable to dry off in so you don’t need a separate space for this.


Don’t worry about the practicalities of the drainage and pipe runs etc. at this early stage our kits handle most situations. Virtually anything is possible.

Plumbing and the Wetroom Shower
With our tile board you can construct “false walls” easily.
Type of floor – Suspended timber, floor boards, chipboard, solid concrete, don’t worry about that yet, there are options for all types.

Splashing where you don’t want it
If you have a big big room you might not need a screen.
In smaller rooms a screen (or wall) will keep your other fittings, towels and toilet paper dry.
Sinks and toilets can be in wet areas, but most people prefer a screen to separate them from the splash zone.
Free standing baths can be and often are in the splash zone. Baths with side panels are best kept out of the splash zone so water doesn’t get trapped behind the panels.

Wetroom Splash pattern radius
Main wet drainage area size – where does most of the water go? What floor area needs to slope towards the drain?
The shower pressure and head size and the mounting of the head e.g.Wall mounted or overhead influence where the showering water goes.
With so many variables, we have used the typical spread from a ceiling mounted, “monsoon” type head as a working guide. The stream of water flowing from the shower and off the body is approximately 1m diameter (500mm radius) at floor level. The Splashing area is approximately 2m diameter at floor level.

Minimum showering area
The bigger the showering area the more luxurious. Most people will feel able to shower in a 700mm x 700mm area. A rectangular area 700mm x 900m is much more comfortable.

Wet Room Floor Former size
The smallest floor former (sloping deck to give a fall to the drain) is 800 x 800mm and may be cut to size.
The total wet floor area can be reduced by walls or screens. When the screen is not sealed to the floor it is recommended that the sloping floor area extends 30mm beyond the screen
The splash zone 1m radius can be flat but must be tanked and tiled.

Wetroom Screens
Simple glass screens reduce the wet floor area and splash zones. A screen is used to keep the rest of the room dry it could be a short screen to stop most splashing on to toilets and basins etc.
Or a medium sized screen to keep the most of the floor space dry.
Or large screens with flippers or doors to construct a cubicle.

Looking for Quality Bathrooms in Chesterfield or Surrounding Areas?

Your bathroom is likely to be one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where your whole family goes to wash, to relax, and for necessary privacy throughout the day. Therefore, it surely makes sense that you should build a top quality bathroom that is stunning to look at, and which offers immense practicality in your day to day. Sometimes, you might want to refit your whole bathroom. In others, you may just need to swap out different bits and pieces! In any case, it makes sense to look for the best bathrooms Chesterfield has to offer.


Why Choose a New Bathroom Suite?

Sometimes, a change is as good as a rest. Therefore, it makes sense to consider setting up a whole new suite – on occasion – than to think about replacing bits and pieces here and there. Therefore, why not look at changing the whole look of your bathroom space?

A great quality bathroom should be one that you can use for years to come. A quality bathroom should be one that you and your family rely on from day to day, and which complements the current interior look of your home as much as possible. Thankfully, there are more than a few different styles you can pick from.

Here at The Bath Center, we make sure to offer a wide variety of different looks and styles. We want to ensure that our customers have a fantastic selection of facilities and looks that can be flexible to bathrooms of all sizes. Refitting your bathroom doesn’t have to be a hassle. What’s more, our team will always be on hand to help you look at new ways to rethink your bathroom space. We’ll even help you come up with a strategy to ensure you get everything set up and running without major time and hassle wasted.


What Looks Are Best?

It’s safe to say that no two bathrooms ever really look the same. A traditional bathroom look could hark back to a classical era of design, or you could simply look for simple, streamlined looks which were popular in the last few decades. Therefore, you can go as far back as you like as far as specific set pieces in your bathroom are concerned.

However, if you want to go ultra-modern, you can. We have set up collections and spaces which will allow you to complete revamp your space. Modern luxury is something which shouldn’t be hard to come by. What’s more, we specialise in offering affordable luxury. Sleek lines and materials shouldn’t cost you the earth.

Or, you could build a completely unique space as you wish. You could mix modern and classical styles. If you’re really unsure of which looks are likely to benefit you the most, you should think about contacting our team for more details.



The Mark of Great Quality

modern bathroom suiteA great quality bathroom should, of course, benefit from the best design and manufacture. Here at The Bath Center, we make sure to offer bathroom essentials, fixtures and fittings which are likely to withstand years of use. We partner with brands who are world-renowned in toilet and bathroom design. This way, we can always make sure to pass on some fantastic brands and standards to people who demand the best.

Even if you are unsure what you may be looking for in the best bathroom designers and manufacturers, we will be happy to show you around the best teams and names building bathrooms Chesterfield and beyond. You should make sure to contact our team for the latest designs and fittings, and for expert advice on what is likely to work best for you in the long run.

Bathrooms are likely to be some of the most critical spaces in most homes. After all, anyone using a bathroom will want to feel relaxed, laid back and free from the stresses of daily life. There’s no reason you should ever design a bathroom that’s likely to be cumbersome or unpleasant! Knowing what goes into the perfect bathroom design, however, is something which isn’t always easy to figure out on your own.


Contact Us

Calling our team, therefore, is the first thing you should do if you are looking to set up the perfect quality bathroom. Why not contact us now on 01246 550400 for help and advice while you are shopping around? Make sure to make The Bath Center your first port of call when it comes to bathrooms Chesterfield and beyond.

Looking for Quality Bathrooms in Chesterfield?

It’s safe to say that your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is a private, quiet space where you can wash and relax. It’s also somewhere which will often require a lot of storage! Therefore, it makes sense that you should look carefully for units and bathroom standards that are flexible and easy to manage. Not only that, but you’ll also need to set up a bathroom suite that looks fantastic.

At The Bath Center, we make sure to offer our customers fantastic bathroom essentials and collections. This means that there are always more than a few options to appeal to all tastes and demands. Are you looking for new bathroom storage? Maybe you need to completely refit your bathtub or toilet. No matter your needs or requests, our experts are here to provide you with an incredible array of choice.

A Bathroom to Suit Your Tastes

Toilet-Basin-Bathroom-SuiteBathrooms in Chesterfield come in all shapes, sizes and looks. It’s tempting to think that all; homes have the same, basic bathroom and washroom designs. However, this is rarely the case! Therefore, you should take your time to look at a variety of modern and classical options in our store.

Some people prefer cutting edge, modern aesthetics. Flat designs, simple colours and plenty of glass – it all adds up to some stunning contemporary suites. You’ll be surprised at some of the wonderful modern bathroom units we have on offer. But what if you prefer something a little more ornate?

If you prefer the classical look, you will be delighted by our classic bathroom collections. From toilets to sinks, under-sink units and showers, you can benefit from modern bathroom facilities in a classical style. If you really want to take your bathroom suite back to a different era, we have plenty of choices to help you on your way.

Or, why not go for something simple and traditional? Sometimes, the simplest looks are the most enduring. Therefore, if a traditional bathroom appeals to you the most, we’ll be happy to help.

A Bathroom to Suit Your Needs

As stated, bathrooms are some of the most practical spaces in the home. It’s here where you will likely store plenty of accessories and products. Not everyone’s bathing and beauty regimes are the same, but one thing is for sure – we all need space, occasionally!

The Bath Center works to provide bathrooms in Chesterfield with some truly magnificent storage options and ideas. Are you looking for a new medicine cabinet? Maybe you are interested in investing in an under-sink unit. Or, you could opt for full fitted furniture in a particular look, colour, theme or style. The choice is, of course, entirely yours!

It’s easy to find your way around our many brilliant storage systems and solutions. Take a close look around our online store and build yourself a custom package! We offer storage and stacking which will benefit bathrooms of all sizes. Therefore, make sure to keep an open mind when searching around!

Trust Our Team

The Bath Center is here to help you with bathroom queries of all natures. Want to set up a brand new bathroom suite? Maybe you’re looking to renovate an existing space, or just to replace a few units here and there! In any case, we are always pleased to help.

While you can easily take your time to look through the various standards we have on offer, you should always feel that there is someone on hand to help you fit the best looks and fits. Our team has years of experience in the bathroom sales and fittings trade. Therefore, whether you need support in finding the perfect look, or want to arrange for someone to come and help you set everything up, we will be more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

All you need to do is reach out! You can contact us online or you can reach us via phone. There will always be someone ready and waiting to help you with your bathroom query.

The Best Bathrooms in Chesterfield

We’re proud to help set up some of the most spectacular bathrooms in Chesterfield. Unsure what you need, or what you’re looking for? No problem. Take a look through our catalogue and make sure you call us on 01246 550400 or email us for advice. We want to make sure you take full advantage of the best supplies and fittings available to you! Choose Bath Center for all your bathroom design needs.

Looking for Bathroom Supplies in Chesterfield?  See Our Range

It’s safe to say that no two bathrooms are ever quite the same.  While some people opt for classic or traditional designs, others may opt for contemporary or stylish suites.  In any case, people spend a lot of time in bathrooms for various reasons.  That’s why it is so important to find bathroom supplies, fixtures, fittings and accessories that appeal to your sense of aesthetics, as well as your need for practicality and functionality!

The Bath Center is a leading provider in a wide variety of different products and services for bathrooms across the UK.  Not content with merely offering sink, bathtub and shower units, we offer a full range of accessories and design touches you simply won’t find on the high street.  Therefore, many people turn to us for unique touches to help complete their unique suite designs.  What’s more, we’re pleased to offer bathroom supplies at prices everyday people can afford.  However, we never sacrifice quality for price!


Comfort and Class

All bathrooms need to be warm and comfortable.  Therefore, you’re going to need an efficient, stylish heating option that blends in perfectly with your existing suite and design.  Why choose a standard radiator when you can opt for a panel heater that’s contemporary and chic?  You can also choose heating units which offer all the modern functionality you desire, but with a traditional or even classical aesthetic.

Other essential bathroom supplies, of course, include lighting.  The lighting you install in a bathroom is very important.  You could choose pull-cord lights to install above sinks and cupboards.  Another popular option is to install sunken lights, or spotlights, in your ceiling or walls.  Crucially, the look you choose is up to you.  We’re happy to present a wide range of options to help embellish any look, modern or classical.


Bathroom Flooring

Walls and Flooring

Of course, the floors and walls of your bathroom are going to play crucial roles in the general look of your suite.  You could choose traditional tiles or panels, but what about something a little more contemporary?  Regardless of whether you want to avoid the well-worn bathroom tile aesthetic, or simply hate grouting, you could install wall splashes which are easy to clean and stunning to look at.  Why not choose a marble effect or something a little polished?

With regard to flooring, we offer bathroom supplies in the form of panelling which is easy to set up and wonderful to look at.  People who are bored of the same old lino and tiles will likely want to look for something a little bit special, such as wood effect flooring or something akin to laminate.  In any case, we have a variety of choice on offer, meaning the perfect look for you is in our catalogue somewhere.

Wall Mountings

In any bathroom, you are going to need affix some touches to your walls.  For accessibility purposes, for example, you could set up grab bars and bath seats.  Traditionally, however, many people will look for stylish towel holders and rings, those of which will affix seamlessly and look great as part of any interior bathroom design.

You are naturally going to need somewhere to hang your towels, dressing gowns and other accoutrements.  We also help you to find simple storage units and holders, which again, you can easily fix to your walls.  We offer a range of neutral and stylised options, meaning that you can easily transform and maintain your own unique bathroom in any way you wish.


Modern Bathroom Faucet

Commercial Bathroom Supplies

The Bath Center doesn’t just help with home bathroom design and supply.  If you need help setting up commercial, office or public building washroom facilities, do make sure to take a look at our complete range of accessories and units.  We offer everything you need to help make your commercial bathrooms as accessible as possible to staff, visitors and customers alike.

Just as you’ll want to make your home bathroom suite as unique and as presentable as possible, the same will go for your commercial bathroom!  Take a look at our full range and build a unique package.


Revitalise Your Bathroom Space

Want to know more about building that perfect bathroom space?  We’re here to help. Take a closer look at our wider range or call us directly on 01246 550400 to find out more.  You can also contact us via email if you have any specific queries.  Place your trust in a local Chesterfield trader of bathroom supplies and standards, and more besides.

Bathroom Storage – What Are Your Options?

Your bathroom, of course, is going to be one of the most-used rooms in your home.  Therefore, you are also going to need to set up plenty of storage!  A great bathroom shouldn’t just be somewhere that you can head to when you want to relax and unwind.  You should head here if you want to look your best – which means you’re going to need all kinds of accessories and products keeping tucked away.  But what are your best options when it comes to bathroom storage?

Here at The Bath Center, we want to make sure you have access to the very best in household storage and accessories.  All bathrooms should look fantastic while still remaining practical!  Here are just a few options we think you should keep in mind when setting up your bathroom for storage and more.


Under-Sink Cabinets

Some of the most accessible and convenient bathroom storage you’ll find are cabinets that fit under the sink.  We offer a wide array of different sink cabinets and units, meaning that you can simply put all of your accessories and bathroom items under your sink for easy access at a later date.  Under-sink cabinets are ideal bathroom storage if you want to keep your bathroom looking flush.

It’s one of the best storage options to keep things out of the way.  We have a variety of different features and looks which you can easily slide under your sink.  They can arrive in different sizes, shapes and styles, too, meaning that you can pick and choose which aesthetics work best for you.



Tall Units

Sometimes, a tall storage unit really completes the look of a bathroom.  Not only can larger cabinets give you more space, they can also help to finish that perfect look.  We offer tall, thin units which you can set up free-standing in the corner of your bathroom suite, or over to the side as you prefer.

As part of our various bathroom suites and collections, you can invest in contemporary or classical-themed units which are built to hold all manner of bathroom essentials.  Struggling for somewhere to put your towels and flannels?  Set up a free-standing unit in your bathroom and always have ease of access to something soft and fluffy.



Medicine Cabinets

The class medicine cabinet has never gone away.  That’s because it’s amazingly convenient!  While you are going to need to do a little bit of fixing to the wall, you’ll have access to a brilliant floating cabinet that doubles as a mirror.

You’ll be able to open your cabinet at head-height, meaning that there is no crouching down and fiddling about trying to find things.  These cabinets are extremely easy to handle and to store items in.  All our collections have medicine cabinets which can easily fix to your wall.  Why not take a look around?


Combination Furniture

If you’re looking for a complete bathroom storage option, you might want to consider combination furniture.  These will incorporate a sink and toilet cistern into their designs, meaning that you can completely style your bathroom suite based on the storage you choose.  It’s entirely your choice!  You only have to take a look at our variety of styles and suite options to see what we can bring to your own perfect bathroom.

Combination furniture is great because it keeps everything neat and tidy, while presenting a fantastic contemporary look.  You won’t have to worry about buying separate units or anything clunky – making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for an all-around solution.  You’d be surprised at how luxurious toilet cistern storage can look!



Choosing the Best Bathroom Storage

It’s safe to say that everyone’s bathroom storage needs are likely to be somewhat different.  That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with a variety of choice.  You should think carefully about how much storage you actually need, as well as what you want your bathroom to look like.  There is a fine balance between practicality and aesthetics when it comes to bathroom suite design.  However, our experts are always here to help you whenever you need us.

Want to know more about brilliant bathroom storage options?  It’s time you took a closer look at what’s on offer here at The Bath Center.  Take a look through our extensive catalogue and get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about our services and expertise.  Call us on 01246 550400 or contact us via form and we will help you in any way we can!

Your Guide to the Best Bathroom Brands You Can Trust

There is often a lot of choice around when it comes to building your perfect bathroom suites. Knowing which bathroom brands to opt for can often be quite tricky! Here at The Bath Center, we make sure to work with leading names in bathroom suite essentials and luxury standards to fit traditional and modern looks alike. But what are some of the best bathroom brands we offer and work with?

We work with many different suppliers and specialists. Therefore, running through all of them might take up a lot of your time! Therefore, in this quick guide, we will look at a handful of our favourite names and brands, and explain why we think you can rely on them for fantastic bathtubs, sinks and showers no matter the look of your wetrooms and spaces.

Arcade Bathrooms

arcade albany natural stone bath

Arcade is a well-known bathroom supplier who we are always pleased to work with. What is most striking about Arcade as a brand is their versatility. They are one of the best bathroom brands in the UK because their collections cover traditional and contemporary looks alike. You only have to take a quick glance at their fabulous suite options to see what we mean!

Arcade offers classical, stylish tubs, as well as modern conveniences. They also supply a huge variety of accessories and fittings, such as mirrors and radiators. Many of our customers opt for Arcade purely because they offer everything they need at great quality and pricing.

Volente Walk In Shower ScreenEastbrook Bathrooms

Eastbrook is a brand which is hugely popular. Of all the bathroom brands we work with, Eastbrook is a name which is one of the best-known, and that’s largely thanks to their huge array of choice. Our customers can set up full Eastbrook bathroom suites, as well as pick and choose from various sink and toilet standards.

Customers will also be able to choose from discrete shower systems and enclosures, as well as stylish radiator and towel rail units to slide into any contemporary or traditional bathroom look. Much like Arcade, Eastbrook focuses on offering items and units which work wonderfully as part of any aesthetic.

Pura Bathroomspura arco

For wonderful simplicity and style, Pura is one of many bathroom brands we can always recommend. Specialising in modern, convenient looks for everyday homes, a Pura suite is one which looks great and which is never awkward to get used to. If you are in need of a simple, modern bathroom suite, the Pura collection is likely going to appeal to you.

Pura is well-known for its extensive range of bathroom furniture and accessories, as well as its pleasing basin and storage designs. A Pura bathroom is one which never goes over the top in terms of modern luxury. For a bathroom suite which is stunningly opulent without all the trappings and distractions, rely on a bathroom brand that never takes itself too seriously.

Sommer ShowerSommer

Specialising in showers for modern bathroom suites, Sommer is a brand that many people choose for effortless style and amazing convenience. It is one of the best bathroom brands purely because of the stunning technology they support. A Sommer shower is one which can either be easily fitted into a tub space, or which can be installed on its own, as part of a modern cubicle.
Sommer showers allow for ease of bathing no matter who you are.

Their brilliant, luxurious cubicle designs are visually pleasing, and their shower systems are always easy to manage and control. What’s more, our customers always benefit from incredible value for money across their wider range. We want to pass on as much as we can in terms of savings to our customers!


Finally, let’s focus on a specialist brand. Warmup underfloor heating keeps you toasty and warm through radiant heat beneath your feet. Bathrooms can get incredibly cold sometimes, which is why underfloor heating has become such as popular standard in the modern age. Warmup is a brand we will never hesitate to recommend.

Their underfloor heating systems are easy to set up and maintain on your own, while you can always ask our team or the manufacturer for extra help and advice should you need it. You will never truly know the true benefits of a fantastic underfloor heating system until you have installed your own!

Your Pick of the Best Bathroom Brands

The Bath Center is home to some of the best bathroom brands available to UK customers. Take a look at our wonderful product ranges and get in touch. Call us today on 01246 550 400 to speak to a member of our friendly team if you’d like further help and advice!

Essential Bathroom Supplies and Which Ones to Choose

Whether you are setting up a new bathroom, or are in the process of refurbishing and refitting an old one, it can be tricky to know which supplies and systems are going to be essential.  For that reason, we always encourage our visitors to take a closer look at the supplies and products we have on offer.  Some supplies and fixtures are classic standards, while others can be seen as modern additions.  In any case, we are always pleased to offer our customers the widest variety of options in our area and local region.  For this reason, we always encourage you to take a closer look at what we have to offer.

In the meantime, read on to learn more about the bathroom supplies we feel are essential for any new bathroom suites as well as for those which are undergoing refits and refurbishments.


Burlington-Round-Light-With-Chrome-Base-Chiffon-Silver-Shade-Bl15-11430-p[ekm]421x500[ekm]Stylish Lighting

Bathroom lighting has come a long way in a very short period of time.  You don’t have to opt for clunky strip lights any more.  Choose from stylish spotlights, stylised lamps or LEDs which will look wonderful as part of any modern or traditional suite.  Our solutions are safe to use in any bathroom unit and will install flush to your existing décor and design.  Choose a lighting solution which appeals to your sense of aesthetics, not just your budget.  Take a look at your current bathroom space and match up some designs that really bring the best out of your wetroom space.


Bathroom Heating

Bathrooms have a habit of getting very cold – even during the warmer months.  Therefore, in our collective opinion, it is essential that you look for heating options which easily install from wall to wall.  A fixture which continues to grow in popularity is the heated towel rail, for example.  Not only can these systems really help to fill your bathroom with radiant heat, but it’s also a fantastic way for you to dry off bathroom towels or other items.  What’s more, you don’t have to power it up all the time, like radiators and central heating.

You may even consider underfloor heating for the ultimate in convenience and radiant heat.  Underfloor systems are, again, growing in popularity – not just thanks to the comfort they provide, but for the money that they could save you.


Abacus-D-Style-Basin-With-Full-Pedestal-600mm-Wide-1-Tap-Hole-White-83271-p[ekm]500x500[ekm]The Perfect Basin

What is a bathroom suite without a stylish basin or sink unit?  A cornerstone of every bathroom, a basin is where you will clean up from morning to morning, and it’s also one of the first fittings you’ll come across when you wake up.  Therefore, you should think about installing a great-looking system which is always a pleasure to behold, as well as easy to use.  From corner basins to pedestal basins, we have a vast array of choices on offer for you.


Contemporary Toilets

Less a supply and more a crucial fixture, all homes need an efficient, great-looking toilet system!  It may not be the most glamorous piece of furniture in your home, however, it serves more than just a basic purpose.  Choose a stylish wall hung toilet or energy-efficient system which works flush with your current décor and design.  You may even have a separate toilet to your bathroom – regardless, it is still a good idea to keep to a similar aesthetic.


Walk-In Showers

Of all the essential bathroom supplies we can recommend, walk-in showers and wetroom units are amongst the most popular.  Rather than having to climb in and out of your bath, you can now walk straight into your shower and activate a pleasing wash with the touch of a button.  It is hugely convenient for most people, particularly those who may otherwise struggle to get in and out of a bath tub.


bow-graphite-traditional-freestanding-bath-12897-pThe Perfect Bath Tub

We wouldn’t be called Bath Center if we didn’t recommend a few tubs here and there!  From traditional baths and tap systems to modern walk-in units, we have a huge supply of different systems for you to take a look at.  Thinking of making Bath time that little bit simpler?  Choose a fixture that suits your aesthetic as well as your practical requirements.


Are you struggling to find the best bathroom supplies for your new suite?  We at the Bath Center are always on hand to help.  Do take a good look through our online catalogue, and don’t be shy to let us know if you need additional help in the meantime, by giving us a call on 01246 550400!  Build your perfect suite in no time.

Types of Showers and Which One to Choose

Not all showers are the same! Some will be better suited to traditional suites, while others will look fantastic as part of modern solutions. In any case, before you start looking at installing a new bathroom or changing up your shower completely, it is always worth looking at the types of showers available and which you feel will be best suited to your particular setup.

Here at The Bath Center, we provide our customers with as much choice as possible when it comes to simple, affordable washroom solutions. Whether you are looking for an advanced mixer system or a shower unit that you can detach and use flexibly, we’re pleased to give you a vast array of choice regardless of the bathroom suite you’re looking to install. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started.

Modern Shower Solutions

Many people choose modern shower solutions for convenience as well as for style and aesthetics. However, not all modern showers come in the same style, shape or form. It’s a good idea to take a close look at the various types of showers available so that you can purchase a comfortable, great-looking unit which will complement your existing or forthcoming space.

For a delicate aesthetic, consider opting for a concealed shower with a large head. These units won’t ever get in the way, but will still offer you plenty of power and coverage as you require. In addition to this, consider bar mixer and digital mixer showers for overhead cleaning and ease of access to a variety of features. These systems arrive with flexible shower heads, which means you can pick and choose from different cleaning elements during use.

On two separate ends of the scale, consider an ultra-convenient, ultra-modern tower shower, or a simple electric shower for classic convenience. Most people’s shower choices will be based on looks alone, however, we always encourage you to look deeper and to consider the difference in functionality between these systems. Take a look at our catalogue and find out more about the models which appeal to you the most.

Traditional Shower Solutions

Burlington Thermostatic ShowerTraditional showers aren’t electric-based, but they can also offer a lot of practicality as well as aesthetic appeal. Many people choose traditional showers as there is no need for an external system, and they can be run directly via water supply. As with modern shower solutions, however, there are several options you can pick from depending on your need for functionality and your sense of aesthetics.

Concealed showers, for example, take the need for much hardware out of the picture. The vast majority of your shower will be concealed within your bathroom wall, meaning that there is more space and less opportunity for wall clutter. Exposed showers work a little differently, of course, however, for many people they provide a little more functionality and ease of access. There are also digital showers, too, which while different to electric models, still work to offer you a modern twist on a traditional classic.

Traditional shower solutions are seen as quick, easy and affordable. However, you may prefer some of the modern solutions we have in stock thanks to their look and finish. The choice is, of course, ultimately yours. Beyond this, you should also be thinking carefully about which options complement your existing bathroom design the best. If you’re setting up a completely new bathroom design, always be ready to consult an expert for advice on which types of shower blend better with bathtubs, tiling and more.

Choosing a Shower Type

Not many people may consider choosing a shower type to be tricky, however, there are far more options available than you may anticipate. Our aim is to bring you as full a range as possible so that you can find a functional and physically pleasing model to suit your everyday needs. Our shower units are designed to offer immense flexibility and effortless control, meaning that it should never be a hassle just to step into your shower or wet space each day.

You will also need to finish you shower enclosure with enclosures, shower trays and can even use pvc wetwall corner kits at very low prices to avoid tiling.

These shower units – classic and modern alike – are growing in popularity. If you’re unsure which options suit your bathroom needs the best, do make sure to speak with a member of our team before you go ahead and buy. We’re here to help you! Call us now on 01246 550 400 for a quick chat, or make sure you email us with all the details you have to hand. Let’s make shower shopping simple.