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Why choose bathroom wetwall panelling

Why choose bathroom wetwall panelling


Whether you opt for Wetwall, Nuance or Mermaid, Bathroom wall panelling is becoming more and more popular. Primarily used in shower enclosures as the panels are waterproof and designed to cope with everyday showering.

Grout free, the ease of maintenance with all our bathroom wall panels is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why (for instance) Nuance wall panelling is becoming a must have product in any new or renovated bathroom.

Bathroom wall panelling can be used all around your bathroom or also with tiles, In fact in the main, we supply our panels to go with tiles, Gone are the days where you would choose a border tile to break up the colour scheme in your bathroom, now you can choose a tile to go with a contrasting shower panel colour, With so many decors to choose from you can colour co-ordinate your bathroom to come to fruition.

Pricing is another obvious topic of conversation and while you can obviously pick up cheaper tiles than most Wetwall, Nuance or Mermaid  panels I always inform our customers that compared to an averagely priced tile you may still pay a little more on the panels (per square meter area) However that cost is more than covered by the amount you will save on labour as the panels are fitted in less than half the time it would take a tiler to tile the same area.

In conclusion, bathroom wall panelling is practically maintenance free, waterproof, high quality, easy to fit and without doubt looks great.

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